Corporate catering, simplified.

Thymely brings teams together and build cultures over food. Whether you're feeding 15 or 150, we'll find the best of your city's food and deliver it to you. Always on-time, always fresh, always different.

Team Breakfast

Lunch and Learns

Custom corporate catering delivered.

Enter your details below, and a member of our team will reach out to send you your first free menu recommendation.


"I just ordered online this morning, and within 2 hours, my order was delivered to my door. I was shocked at the amazing service and delivery!"

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A menu of your city's best food, created just for you.

1. Tell us about your team (and their appetite!)

Work with your Thymely team to let us know your team's preferences and restrictions. The more you tell us, the better we'll match you to the restaurants in our network. 

2. We create custom menus for you to choose from.

Choose from a few menu options we'll recommend for you. If you want something specific from your favourite restaurant, we'll make it happen - even if they don't normally offer delivery.

3. We deliver amazing meals, catered and rated.

Our team delivers your meals if your ideal catering company doesn't, so you can enjoy the greatest variety of your city's food. After every meal your team rates our pick, and we get better for next time.

Customer Luncheons

Training Sessions

Free Food Fridays

Executive Meetings

More than just a catering company.

Incredible Food Selection

A Simple Ordering Process

Logistics Handled

Whether you want to re-order meals that worked well in the past, change lunch preferences or schedule a new event, our dashboard and team make it easy.

Our team of expert foodies make sure every meal is an amazing experience, by making sure all cutlery and extra equipment is provided through our partners.

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Our team of foodies are always on the lookout to find new restaurants, caterers, and food experiences to offer you and your teams.

Corporate catering, simplified.

Live in Edmonton, Alberta - with more cities coming soon.

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